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Get ready to turn up the heat with Moon Peppers Co.
The local company with
a passion for creating bold, mouth-watering flavors.  Our expertly hand-crafted blends are guaranteed to add a kick of spice or a burst of flavor to every meal.  So why settle for bland when you can have bold?
Try Moon Peppers Co. today and discover the spicy future of flavor!

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Spice up your gift-giving game and give the gift of flavor - with a spicy twist!

Not sure what heat level to choose for your spicy food enthusiast?

Give the gift of choice and purchase a gift card, letting them select their perfect level of spice.

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Holy moly nomnomnom

This. This snack? This snack right here? I could live off of these. Best thing in my fridge right now. Just finished half a jar tonight. The heat is calmed by the sugar but there is so done pretty good heat. I'm absolutely in love with these things! Top of my list for everyone for Christmas! Nomnom... 😋🤤

LiLi B.

Colorado Springs, CO

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Highly recommended!

They are so fresh, crunchy and the perfect condiment to go into any of my dishes! I love these peppers!

Lynn L.

Rosenberg, TX

Unlock the full potential of your Moon Peppers and elevate your meals with the perfect pairing. Whether you're looking to add a kick to your steak or balance the heat in a soup, we have the perfect suggestions for you. Check out our instagram for inspiration and elevate your culinary creations today.

View our favorites on our 

Instagram Page @moonpeppersco

Pizza, Hamburger, Salad, Tofu, Fish, Steak, Eggs, Nacho Chips, Chili,

Sushi, Noodles

We are a Colorado Proud Company

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