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Our Story

One magical evening, as we savored our dinner, my husband Khai and I realized that something was missing - a touch of heat and zest. Suddenly, we were reminded of our grandmothers' beloved pickled condiments - the tangy mustard greens, crisp carrots, delicate cauliflower, and savory garlic. But we also realized that we never pickled anything spicy. With that thought in mind, we decided to put our own spin on the traditional brine by infusing it with a hint of heat.  In 2018, Khai and I embarked on a journey of pickling peppers, guided by our grandmothers' teachings from a young age. We experimented with various brine recipes and finally found the perfect balance of flavor and spice that we both adored. We shared our creations with our family and friends, eager to get their opinions. To our surprise and delight, it was an instant hit among spicy food enthusiasts. People loved the taste and versatility of our pickled peppers, which paired perfectly with a wide range of dishes, from noodles and rice to eggs, pasta, sandwiches, pizza, tacos, nachos, and even sushi!  However, we soon realized that not everyone enjoyed the same level of spice. Some wanted more heat while others preferred less. So, we started experimenting with different types of peppers and finally found the perfect blend for everyone. Our pickled peppers now offer a taste experience that appeals to a wide range of palates, and we couldn't be more proud.  It was March 2020, a time of uncertainty and change, when we embarked on a journey to share our beloved Moon Peppers. At the time, Khai was working for a large tech company, and I had spent 18 years in the banking industry, and our young son Luke was just 3 years old. We both longed for more time to spend with our precious child and often dreamed of leaving our corporate jobs to start a business together.  In February 2021, we decided to take a bold step and make our dream a reality. Khai left his position at a tech company, and I transferred my job to Colorado. We first settled in Broomfield, where Khai focused on researching and developing Moon Peppers, while I continued working in the bank. However, in March 2022, I too decided to leave my banking career, and in mid-April of 2022 we moved to the Springs. June of 2022, Khai and I began selling our pickled peppers at local farmers' markets. We weren't sure how people would respond to our products, but we took a chance and were humbled and overwhelmed by the positive feedback we received. Along the way, we have met some truly amazing people who have become like family to us and have even become wonderful mentors. We are forever grateful to our grandmothers for sharing their incredible pickling skills with us, and to everyone who has supported us along the way. We are excited to continue sharing our Moon Peppers, bringing a little extra spice to people's lives.

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