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The wonderful smell of Moon Pepper Pickled Habanero.   How the bright orange color allure and the tropical smell attract.  When you take a bite, you will notice a sweet tropical taste followed by a slight smokiness, brightening up your pallet and delivering a tasteful experience.  Be forewarned, a slow tingly sensation will start, followed by an immense amount of heat. But don't be afraid (as long as you can handle the heat), these pickled Habanero will make you smile with delight as it takes your taste buds on a delightfully Journey of Sweet and Heat.  Enjoy.

Pickled Habanero

  • Fresh Habanero Peppers, Filtered Water, Distilled Vinegar, Cane Sugar, Organic Carrot, Organic Garlic, Natural Sea Salt.

    Net 9 oz.

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