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Moon Peppers Jalapeno Heatwave

Elevate your margarita game with a splash of moon peppers jalapeño brine for a delicious twist on a classic drink.

spicy jalapeno margarita.png

5 Minutes to Yummy!

- lime
- 🌙 moon peppers jalapeño brine (1.5 oz)
- 🌙 moon peppers jalapeños (3 slices)
- margarita mix of your choice
(We used Cayman Jack Margarita)
- 🧂 sea salt or tajin
- 🧊 ice
- optional: tequila

1. Add lime juice to the rim of your cup then add sea salt or tajin.
2. Add a few ice cubes
3. Add one shot (1.5oz) of moon peppers jalapeño brine
4. Add 1 cup (8 oz) of margarita mix of your choice.
(I used 1 bottle of Cayman jack margarita)
5. Squeeze a slice of lime or two and mix.
6. Add 3 slices of moon peppers jalapeños
7. Add a slice of lime to the side and enjoy! 😊

Optional: add 1 shot of tequila

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